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When you become part of our team, you experience a unique way to go about getting things done. In DISAN we act according to the values and beliefs that are part of our corporate culture and we experience it daily in our relationships with our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Integrity, responsibility, optimism and respect are our corporate values.


We are thorough in the way we proceed. We act with fairness, honesty and transparency, and we demand the same from our customers and suppliers


We work with a sense of responsability, we deliver our best to fulfill our commitments In DISAN we honor our commitments.


We are optimistic. We have a positive attitude that motivates us to do things right and a strong conviction that we will achieve our goals. We see challenges and difficulties as opportunities to improve.


We believe in respect and mutual recognition. In DISAN we are open to other points of view, and we encourage good relations.

At DISAN we care about achieving our goal, but how we get there is just as important.


We are service-oriented. We focus our talents and efforts to create value for our customers, suppliers, shareholders and partners, delivering solutions that meet their needs and expectations.


We work as a team. We promote teamwork in order to strengthen our core, and value individual responsibility as an integral part of the process.


We focus on getting results. We devote the energy, effort and resources to achieve results with integrity, quality and on time.


We are effective communicators. We express ideas and disagreements in clear and respectful manner, in order to contribute We know how to listen and we are open to different points of view.


We learn to continuously improve. We use our experiences to create innovative and efficient solutions that allow us to do things better.

At DISAN we care about having leaders who manage to build conviction and enthusiasm in their teams to meet our strategic objectives.


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