Innovation & Knowledge


We support good ideas from our customers

We join our clients in the process of innovation and development of new products and improving their current lines.

We co-create

From the beginning of the projects, we work on the design with our clients to identify opportunities, provide technical knowledge, innovations and market trends, co-creating solutions tailored made to the challenges posed by the market

Technical Support and Development- TS&D

In our laboratory we investigate TS & D and generate technical knowledge to meet the development needs of our customers, supporting their technical concerns and promote innovation in close cooperation with the manufacturers of raw materials.

Specialized Counseling

Our sales and technical specialists work closely with clients to deliver knowledge and added value through a flexible and effective support in solving their needs and development concerns.

Place For Knowledge


At DISAN’s Seminars In New Trends

At DISAN’s Seminars In New Trends, we work together with raw materials manufacturers to present to our customers, areas of interest: state of the industry, latest technologies, developments, trends and solutions for various market segments.


At DISAN Knowledge Workshops

At DISAN Knowledge Workshops, we work together with our clients focusing on their topics of interest by developing theoretical and practical opportunities to explore and propose solutions to their needs.


At DISAN’s Solutions Stand

At DISAN’s Solutions Stand , along with our suppliers, we have the opportunity to meet clients’ particular needs and respond with innovative solutions to help face the market challenges.

Disan Agro

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