Customer Service


Over 100 people at DISAN work in the areas of sales and customer service, willing to meet their requirements with kindness, agility and professionalism, while maintaining the effectiveness and opportunity which adds to our character.


Customer Service

  Permanent contact with the company – availability of multiple channels.

  Confirmation of orders.

  Track the status of orders.

  Management of claims and suggestions.

  Customer Care audits.



  Offering portfolio of solutions to our customers needs.

  Personalized attention and specialized by industry.

  Definition of trade agreements and planning deliveries.

  Technical and Commercial Counseling for project development.

  Coordination of specialized counseling with our Technical Specialists.

Our sales force is comprised of professionals with expertise in each of the industries that we serve, chemical engineers, food chemists, pharmaceutical chemists, veterinarians, zoo-technicians and agronomists, always willing to give an effective, timely and friendly response.

DISAN´s sales team is comprised of professionals in chemical engineering, food chemists and pharmaceutical chemists, serving industries in which we participate, along with veterinarians and zoo-technicians lending a hand to the animal nutrition sector, and agronomists attending the agricultural sector.

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